Atmosphere model
plane-parallel 1D MAFAGS-OS

Input stellar parameters (please use the same format, maximal number of stars 82)

example: Star_name(!unique per line!) Teff log(g) [Fe/H] Vmic

Input from a file? select file:

Input of spectral lines and element code: example: 4571.1 12.01 (maximal number of lines 99)

Linelist (spectral interval) 2000:13000 A

H lines
O lines
Mn lines
Co lines

Scaling factors used in NLTE calculations with DETAIL
chemical abundances in atmospheric models

If you find the datasets useful, we kindly ask you to provide a reference to the following studies:

you can also use this service with NLTE abundance corrections by L. Mashonkina or INSPECT database

Output with plots (NLTE and LTE profiles)?